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About American Fit

Clothing manufacturers were at one time plentiful in western Arkansas and especially Logan County, but one by one, seemingly overnight, all were suddenly closed and many employees whose only knowledge was of the seamstress industry were out of work.

This seemed un-American to David Beeler, so much so that he did something about it. Then out of work himself in an industry he had been involved in for over three decades, he formed the company American Fit. While his new company, obviously, could not employ every out of work industrial seamstress, it has been an outlet for dozens of workers reluctant to change professions.

Armed with experienced personnel, including plant manager Sharon Bridges, American Fit recently recognized its first decade of producing high quality outerwear, such as baseball and award jackets in sizes ranging from toddler to an adult 10XL. The jackets come in a variety of colors ranging from the traditional to camouflage.